Hello and welcome! I am a current postdoctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki. Over the last 15 years I had the opportunity of following my dream and excavating at several amazing sites on Crete, in Italy, and in Spain. I built this webpage to serve as a visual resume of my past and current research projects, broader academic interests and pursuits. Feel free to follow me on social media or contact me if you have any questions!

My doctoral thesis explored Late Bronze Age interaction in the Aegean and the larger Mediterranean Basin. My academic research focuses on several larger topics listed below.

Networks in Archaeology

My primary research interest revolves around the application of network approaches to archaeological questions, and specifically the development of new methods and models for exploring archaeological datasets.

Interaction & Mobility in the Mediterranean

Within this larger topic, my interests include prehistoric trade, exchange, and systems of interaction especially from the Bronze Age into the early Classical period.

Digital Humanities

The unparalleled expansion of computing power over the last 20 years has created new and exciting possibilities for computationally engaged research and the application of digital tools in archaeology. I am especially interested in how computing and digital technologies can help us record, preserve, and analyze the archaeological and historical record, and how these technologies encourage interdisciplinarity and public engagement with monuments and artifacts.

Cultural Heritage Awareness & Protection

I am passionate about raising awareness about the damaging effects of looting, advocating for the protection of cultural heritage, and the repatriation of stolen archaeological artifacts. The destruction of our shared cultural heritage is a continual global issue. Since 2001, over 15,000 artifacts have been looted from Iraq, and of these only about 7,000 have been returned. The looting of artifacts destroys our only chance in reconstructing the history of a place and its peoples, robbing us of vital information for understand our shared past. You can read more about how you can help below. 

Over the last 15 years, I participated in several collaborative projects and archaeological excavations. You can learn more about each of them below.


In 2023 I joined the multidisciplinary and international steering committee for the Connected Past. You can find more information about our past and future events at the link below.

Material Entanglements in the Ancient Mediterranean and Beyond –
international research program

From 2018 through 2020, I participated in a Connecting Art Histories initiative supported by the Getty Foundation. This project investigated cultural, and especially artistic, contacts across a broad swath of the ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern world from the Middle Bronze Age to the Sasanian Period (c. 2000 BCE – c. 650 CE). The project brought together a group of more than 20 scholars researching different aspects of material culture/artistic production in different areas around and beyond the Mediterranean from the second millennium BCE through late antiquity with the goal to explore interconnections, scrutinize theoretical frameworks, and foster much-needed dialogue among different disciplinary/intellectual perspectives. 

the University of Toronto & University of Heidelberg –
joint workshop

In 2013 and 2014 I presented my thesis project at two workshops jointly organized by the Department of Art at the University of Toronto, and the Institute of Classical Archaeology at the University of Heidelberg. The aim of this initiative was to involve research students in a series of seminars to explore the current status of the field of Aegean prehistory, the historical legacy of disciplinary boundaries, and new interdisciplinary possibilities. 

palaikastro, crete

The Palace and Landscape at Palaikastro (PALAP) Project is an archaeological project which aims to place the ancient site of Palaikastro, the largest excavated Minoan town on Crete, in its wider context. I was part of the 2012 survey team, and have been excavating at Palaikastro since 2013.

sissi, crete

Less than 4 km east of the major palace centre at Malia sits the coastal hill of Kephali tou Agiou Antoniou, locally known as Buffo. The Sissi Archaeological Project is located on this Bouffo hill and represents one of the most important Bronze Age Cretan excavations of the past decade. I excavated at Sissi for two seasons, during the 2010-2011 excavation campaigns.


Anavlochos is a mountainous ridge located in the Lasithi region, in Eastern Crete and overlooking the village of Vrachasi and the Mirabello valley. Two houses were excavated in 2012 in the settlement of the central valley, with one of them yielding debris from a Late Geometric metallurgical workshop. I excavated at Anavlochos during the 2012 season that uncovered the metallurgical workshop and two houses.

Marsiliana d’Albegna, Italy

In 2005, during a survey on the estate, in the area of Poggio Alto, not far from the present-day village of Marsiliana and the Castle Hill, the remains of a substantial building were found. Judging from dateable finds this site was occupied from the last quarter of the sixth to the end of the fifth century BC. The building, named Casa delle Anfore due to the large number of Etruscan amphorae which were immediately evident within it, was the subject of a series of excavations beginning in 2006 with the aim of uncovering the whole of the complex and its function(s). I excavated the Casa Delle Anfore during the 2009 season.

Sanisera Necropolis, Menorca

The Sanisera Necropolis was first excavated in 2008, and to date over 90 tombs have been uncovered. These tombs are dated to the 4th and 6th century AD. They belonged to a Roman cemetery likely associated with the basilica located in the Roman city of Sanisera. The osteology corpus in this necropolis includes more than 232 individuals. I excavated such a Roman tomb in 2009.

Since 2010, I have been involved in a range of educational programming aimed at bringing my love for archaeology and history to the public. Several of these endeavours resulted from collaborations with the Royal Ontario Museum, The University of Toronto, and the Archaeological Institute of America. Some of the projects I spearheaded since 2010 are listed below. Feel free to contact me for more information. 


Course Instructor, Teaching Assistant, and Tutorial Leader

Since 2012, I taught and was a teaching assistant for several Art History and Aegean archaeology courses at the University of Toronto, including:

  • FAH 101 Monuments of Art History
  • FAH 102 The Practice of Art History: Methods
  • FAH 207 Greek Art and Architecture
  • FAH 206 Prehistoric Aegean and East Mediterranean Art and Archaeology
  • FAH 309 The City of Rome
  • FAH 303 The Emergence of Greek Civilization 
  • FAH 313 Myth in Ancient Greek and Roman Art

In January 2021 I taught a new course that I developed for FAH 102, titled: “The Connectivity of Culture: A History of Art and Social Networks.” You can learn more about the courses I am teaching at the University of Toronto by following the link below.

The aia National day of Archaeology

Event Organizer and Volunteer

Since 2011, I helped organize and volunteered for several National Day of Archaeology (NDA) events around Toronto. These events were coordinated with the Royal Ontario Museum, and the Archaeological Institute of America. Activities included: ceramic puzzles, learning about Egyptian hieroglyphs, numismatics, and colouring of favourite archaeological artifacts for younger visitors.

You can learn more about The AIA National Day of Archaeology following the link below.

Day of Archaeology

Event Organizer & Participant

Together with other archaeological colleagues, we raised awareness about various facets of archaeology by participating in yearly virtual Day of Archaeology events. You can read more about the Day of Archaeology and view the Palaikastro team entries by following the links below.

SAFE/SAving antiquities for everyone

Social Media Coordinator

I served as the Social Media Coordinator for SAFE from 2015 until 2019. I helped curate a daily news stream posted to Twitter and Facebook, that included cultural heritage news, updates about stolen and recovered antiquities as well as relevant articles pertaining to the protection of antiquities. I was also a regular blog contributor.

AIA – Digging the Past Youth Outreach Program

Program Developer & Educator

In 2010, I developed a youth outreach program aimed at bringing my love of history and archaeology to schools around the GTA. I developed six lecture modules on various topics such as: war in antiquity, local Ontario heritage, and excavation techniques. The program also included a hands-on sandbox digging activity aimed at introducing younger participants to the process of excavation, beyond looking for “treasures”. I implemented this project with two major grants from the Archaeological Institute of America and was the coordinator for this outreach program until 2015. The program is now offered on a request basis only, pending volunteer availability.

Kids’ Passport

Event Organizer & Volunteer

As part of the University of Toronto’s Alumni Event, I helped organize and coordinate the Archaeology Centre’s participation in Kids’ Passport on the St. George Campus. Our activities included Virtual Reality demonstrations with state of the art VR goggles allowing participants to view archaeological monuments and sites, cave art, and 3D printing. We also featured an archaeological petting zoo where visitors could interact with and learn about select archaeological artifacts. 

Science Rendezvous

Event Organizer & Volunteer

I first volunteered for Science Rendezvous in 2010, and helped organize several subsequent events for the Archaeology Centre. Our booth included VR demonstrations, and archaeological petting zoo, and an “Ask an Archaeologist” Q&A. You can learn more about this event by following the link below.

For more information on my past and current research projects as well as publications see link below.

In 2016, I built and launched my first online store specializing in vintage garments. I am the buyer, photographer, and curator of all PPR online content, including the Instagram account and Pinterest boards. The website is currently undergoing a rebranding.

In 2010, I migrated the old website to a newly built and developed online home for the AMC Lab. I was the point of contact for updating all content until 2022.

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